Sunday, June 30, 2013

Those Moments When We Are All Arrested Development Characters

They may be the most unstable and ridiculous tv family of all time. But admit it, everyone can identify with a character from Arrested Development. 

We were all Michael when Kim and Kanye named their baby North West. 

We are all George Michael when we get home from school/work. 

We are all Gob when we don't get off the highway during rush hour. 

We are all Lindsey when finals week is over. 

We are all Tobias when it's swimsuit season. 

We are all Maeby when the wifi is not working.

We are all Buster when we move out of our parent's house. 

We are all Lucille when we see people from high school that went downhill. 

We are all George Sr when it's time for desert. 

Because let's be honest, the Bluth family is awesome. Just like us. 

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