Sunday, January 26, 2014

Did anyone else catch the "Queer as Folk" jab?

I know a lot of the people who read this blog are too busy watching The Bachelor's Hot Ass Sean and Catherine get married tonight to watch Downton Abbey. I can accept that. Just don't forget to come back after the recording ends on your DVRs.

They deserve each other.
This Week on Downton:

Bates' bullshit senses are tingling and the look on his face let's us all know he will find out exactly why Anna has been so cold lately. Will Mr. Bates go Patrick Bateman on everyone's ass for keeping this secret? Will Lord Gillingham's valet be road kill by the end of the episode?

There's a new ladies' maid in the house, and her name is Baxter.
Is she bad?
Is she good?
Is she only temporary?
Will she force Mrs. Patmore to accept the progression of technology?
Yo no se.
see what I did there?

While Isabelle wrestles with hiring a new gardener or something, Dr. Clarkson still hasn't gotten the hint that he has been banished to the Friend Zone.

Alfred channels his inner Julia Child as he prepares for his audition/try out/test round at the Ritz, while Lady Mary has a gentlemen caller who tries his very best not to just come out and say "You've been in my thoughts recently, and you're still super hot."

SURPRISE. Lady Edith is going to London again.

Mrs. Hughes drops the bomb on Bates about the dealio with his wife.
Did she break girl code?
Hell no- insert feminist rant here- because she shouldn't have kept the secret to begin with.

It's weird how british people say "lift" instead of "elevator", kinda like how Justin Bieber says "F***k Bill Clinton" instead of "I am a massive piece of shit."
Go change, your diaper first. 

If there is ever talk again of Branson and Little Sybie moving to America, I may have a conniption- unless there is a spin-off show named after the street they live on in bustling 1920's USA.

I just realized that the boy Isabelle hired to do...whatever job she hired him to do, is named "Young Peg."
What adolescent lad is named "Peg"?
And pre-fixed with the word "young" no less.
I'll show you a "Young Peg"...

Next week it seems that Edith's beloved Mr. Gregson has disappeared from London...and joined the Nazi Party? Am I even in the correct historical time period?
He's probably hanging from a tree by the straps of his Leiderhosen, chugging a Beck's.

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