Monday, January 20, 2014

"You had me at 'You fill my brain'."

The drama at Downton has been turned up to 11.
So I guess I got what I asked for.

Between Edna threatening to trap Branson with a hypothetical love/roofie child, and Mary being proposed to after 3 days I really do feel like I've been transported into an episode of One Tree Hill.

Everyone is suspecting that something is wrong with Anna because for once she is the one with something to hide and apparently Mrs. Hughes is the keeper of secrets. In this episode Anna, Branson, and Mr. Carson confide in Mrs. Hughes about their respective problems; each one worse than the previous. The woman should start her own "Dear Abby"  column in the local newspaper- if only we knew her real first name.

Jimmy and Ivy finally macked but sad, gangly Albert walked in on them. Daisy is so thirsty for Albert it's getting ridiculous- even Mrs. Patmore told her to roll her tongue back into her mouth.
Could this Ritz training program be Albert's ticket out of Downton?
Could it be Daisy's as well?
Did she ever accept that offer from William's father to run the farm?

Let's see what else happened this week...Edna got clingy and manipulative, Rose might be into black guys, Mr. Carson has a soul, Thomas is still a dick, Jimmy seems cracked out, Lady Edith wore that hideous orange and blue frock again after she shacked up with Mr. Gregson. EDITH SHACKED UP WITH MR. GREGSON.

Yeah, actually. 
Aunt Rosamund called her out for sneaking into the flat at around 6 AM, and Edith was offended by her slut shaming. But come on, Edith- The man is moving to Germany in a week, he obviously wants to get into your knickers before he is stuck in the land of sausage.

Auntie Roz should be more concerned with Rose's date who got shmacked at the dancing club and was basically throwing around the poor girl like a rag doll.

super turnt up
Anna and Bates are in a tiff- because apparently this is now a Lifetime movie where Anna is the teenage victim who thinks the entire situation is her fault. Mrs. Hughes is the character usually played by Marcia  Gay Harden or post-nose job Jennifer Grey, who comforts the victim and pleads with them to tell the police or go to the doctor. Basically Anna is continuing to shut out Mr. Bates and mope about the house- even Lady Grantham is noticing.

Mary and Tony want each other- they want each other BAD. But Mary is still deeply in love with Matthew.

Sigh.... aren't we all?
She can't move on yet. Although her facial expression totally screamed "You had me at 'You fill my brain.'"

I sense Tony will be coming back- hopefully he won't bring his valet... or his other girlfriend.

and if they do...

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