Thursday, June 14, 2012

Channel Surfing

Today's Problem: Nothing to watch on TV

We all hate it.

MTV is having a Teen Mom marathon and you're tired of seeing Amber beat the shit out of Gary again so you look for alternative programs. All the good movies are on Starz or Shotime and stupid Charter charges so much for cable, my parents only get HBO and Cinemax. No good movies are ever on those channels. A girl can only watch The Blind Side so many times. I hope to the television gods that it's a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Fam, but then I realize it's a Thursday. What Not to Wear is never an option because Stacy London's rando grey streak gives me the heebie jeebies and Clinton's overuse of gingham and bow ties is unbearable. Even if I wait for WNTW to end, TLC has a dissappointing line-up of Baby Story or Supernanny back-to-backers.

Maybe Bravo will show me some love. Nope. It's Millionaire Matchmaker and that show with the flamboyantly gay guy who sells houses or something. Oxygen? Negatory- 6 whole hours of Lifetime-esque movies that deal with rape and shit.

If you haven't realized it by now... I watch an unhealthy amount of television. Whatever.

TNT? AMC? TBS? Why does Major League Baseball have to be broadcasted on all of these basic cable networks? What does a girl have to do to get a an episode of Friends or Gilmore Girls rerun up in this bitch?

Netflix is taking to long to load and I've already made a substantial dent in the Movie and TV show library that really shouldn't be humanly possible.

Shall I watch a DVD? Do they even make those anymore? Oh Well, the Blu-Ray is broken anyway.

Guess I'll read a book or something?

KIDDING. Remember the Titans magically emerged from ABC Fam's womb and I'm set for the next 2 hours.

Problem SOLVED.

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