Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Childhood Problems

Many of you may have known me in my youth and probably thought I was awkward and weird.

I was.  I still am. Whatever.

For those of you who did not know pre-teen Marnie, I was awkward and weird... but I was also a good time. My friend Jordyn and I used to make music videos to our favorite *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys songs. Imagine two eleven year old girls wearing fluorescent fleece vests from the GAP, doing literal dance moves to the lyrics of "I Want It That Way". It was a creative outlet and yes, we still have the tapes somewhere in my basement.

Jordyn and I were also fascinated with Amanda Bynes. We recreated her "Ask Ashley" skits from All That and pretty much worshiped the Amanda Show.

This week, I was watching E! as Kevin Jonas dug a hole in his backyard to throw his career into (after convincing America that he actually does like hot dogs... you know what I mean) the news ticker along the bottom of the screen flashed the following:


I was speechless. MY childhood shattered before my eyes.

Then I saw that Hey Arnold was on Netflix and quickly got over it.

But, nevertheless, I feel bad for Amanda. I just hope she kept her cool when the cops drove up.

 Her credentials as Judge Trudy should work in her favor.
Blog dismissed. Bring in the Dancing Lobsters. 

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