Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hank Does Not Tread Lightly. He Stomps All Over The Place.

Tonight on Breaking Bad:

I half-expect the opening scene to be Walt and Jesse just staring at each other, heavily breathing. 

Instead we have an old dude in a hunting hat, revving up his old Chrysler truck and following the happy trail of cash that Jesse chucked out the window last episode. 

This duffle bag money has me nervous. 
Almost as nervous as that time I lost my mom in Zaney Brainy and cried and had to go to the customer service desk. 

Jesse has flown over the cuckoo's nest. 
He's completely lost it. 

Walt flees from the scene in Hank's garage, leading us to this tender moment between Skylar and her beloved brother-in-law in a diner. Hank whips out the microphone and asks Skylar to spill all the secrets and give the most spur-of-the-moment statement in his DEA career. 

#AmIUnderArrest ?!?!

Now we're in a storage unit. 
And there's a hot-tub sized stack of money. 
I'd swim in that big pile of money. 
Homeboy's go the right idea. 
Who needs a SleepNumber when you have butt loads of Benjamins?

Judging by how often Saul dons purple shirts, ties, and pocket squares, there may be a valid theory that he and Marie are sneaking around. Just a theory. Like how Walt goes into the Witness Protection Program and becomes the dad on Malcolm in the Middle

Why are we driving out into the desert? 
Only bad things happen in the desert. 

Marie shows up the White Residence looking for some girl time/ tell-me-all-about-your-drug-lord-husband time. 
Okay, okay so Walt wasn't necessarily a drug lord- just a producer/distributor and he killed some people. 
What title does that give him? 

Marie, are you really trying to take the baby?! You'd try to dress her up in plum colored shirts and enter her in baby pageants.
Baby Holly can't be in the New Mexico Pageant Circuit because Honey Boo Boo or her mom would probably eat her. 

Back in the desert, Walt is digging holes. I feel like I've seen this before. 

Is he burying the methylamine?
Or is it the money? 
His dignity? 
Where's Junior?
Could he be in one of those barrels?
He's also buying expensive coordinates equipment and smashing it with rocks. 
So there's that. 

Andrea's working that blue pea coat and managing to create diamonds out of the lumps of coal metaphorically stuck up her ass. 

It's a reference, guys. Get on your 80's movie game faces.

Oh, good Jesse's back...being questioned by the cops and still dead in the eyes. 

He better call Saul. 
See you next week. 

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